05th March 2011
My thanks to Shelagh and the committee of this fabulous ‘specialist’ club for once again, doing such a fantastic job. The show was lovely. I had lots of comments on how friendly everyone was. The standard of cats and kittens was superb and a great big ‘thank you’ to my friend Jane Allen who came specially to steward for me.

A.C. British or Manx Champion – Male
1 Gr Ch – Holloway’s Ch Bluegenerations Young Rebell (40-14)
Lovely mature boy with a well rounded head shape, balanced cheeks, tiny well set ears, large expressive eyes of excellent blue colour. Short broad nose, level bite and firm chin. Cobby body standing on short thickset legs and rounded paws. Tail of correct length, thick at base with a rounded tip. He has clear tabby markings on his mask, legs and tail on a clear contrast. Coat short and dense.
Reserve – Kempsell’s Ch Graygees Gaius Maruis (18)
Large well boned boy who was too happy today. Well rounded head shape with well set ears but
flared at base. Round eyes of green colour, short broad nose which has some ‘fawning’ showing, level bite and firm chin. Clear tabby pattern of excellent black colour on a pewter contrast. Coat fairly short and dense.

A.C. British or Manx Champion – Female
1 Gr Ch – McEwen’s Ch. Pennydown Xclusive (29)
Pretty young lady with a good head shape and neat ears. Balanced cheeks, Super green eyes outlined with black liner. Short broad brick coloured nose, level bite and firm chin. Body of medium weight with good even tipping. Tail of medium length, thick at base with a rounded tip. Coat fairly short, dense and crisp to touch.
Reserve – Hollandt’s My Mibaybese Tamara (22a)
Another attractive young lady with a lovely ‘open’ face. Good width between ears that are a little flared at base. Rounded cheeks, round eyes of deep gold, short broad nose and level bite. She has an attractive white facial blaze. Excellent clear patches of blue and cream colour with just some silver tipping showing in her blue patches. Coat short and dense.

Black Silver Spotted Adult – Female
C.C. withheld – Hollandt’s Pridkats Eyecandy
Super girl of excellent type. Mature balanced head shape, well set tiny ears, green eyes ‘to die for’. Short broad nose, level bite and firm chin. Heavy body of good depth standing on short thick legs and rounded paws. Tail of correct length with a rounded tip. Clear liner on face and good spotting on a silver contrast. Today, her spots seemed to have a ‘chocolate hue’ to them, making her look rather dull in colour, hence the reason for withholding her c.c. I was sorry to have to do this to such a beautiful girl.
2nd – Heaton’s Catershan Silver Inkspot
Pretty little girl with a super head shape, large expressive round eyes with green/hazel colour. Short broad brick coloured nose, level bite and firm chin. She has clear black liner on her facial pattern. I would have liked her heavier. Good legs and rounded paws. Tail of correct length showing clear rings. She has clear black spots on her neck which are a little diffused along her spine line and she has some barring on her shoulders and flanks. Coat short but lacks density today.

Lilac Neuter
Bob – Edmond’s Gr Pr Idlebeck Eddie Eagle
Black Silver Tabby Neuter
Bob – Coulthurst’s Gr Pr Shadowsmine Silver Shimmer

Bi-Coloured Neuter – Female
1 P.C. – Willis’ Kabenbe Champagne-Zoe (31a)
Lovely girl of excellent type. Lovely round balanced head with an attractive facial blaze. Well set ears. Excellent eyes of deepest orange colour. Short broad nose, level bite and firm chin. Very heavy body which is a little out of proportion to her head. She obviously likes her food! Sturdy thick legs and rounded paws. Tail in proportion with a rounded tip. Clear blue patching on a coat which is very short, dense and sound to roots.
A.C. Adolescent Adult
1st – Clerkin’s Silvercloud Justa Dream (39)
2nd – Evan’s Evavale Penny Lane (28)
X 2nd – Frost’s Kruzinkal Summer Blush (40-9)
3rd – Mounsey’s Takeiraa Burlington Bertie (18)
X 3rd – McEwen’s Pennnydown Jackfrost (39)

A.C. Limit – Adult
1st – Hollandt’s Positively Napoleon Solo (15)
2nd – Knowles Aceqaras Sante (39)
3rd – Mounsey’s Takeira Burlington Bertie (18)

A.C. Kitten – Resident in Surrey/Sussex/Kent
1st – Marsland-Round’s Catbalu Elysian Fields (20s)
2nd – McGregors Adelfsh Suki (40-10)
X 2nd – Potter’s Kabenbe Gottahave Faith (16)
3rd – Davis’ Suntrek Dippy Dotty (16)

A.C. Kitten – Resident in Surrey/Sussex/Kent
1st – Ryan’s Arktos Ailis (79S15)
2nd – Smith’s Catbalu Libertina Jackson (15b)
3rd – Hillyard’s Mabledon Blue Apailana (16)

A.C. Non-self Neuter
1st – Ryan’s IGRPR Curlu Neve (79S40-5)
2nd – Harris’ Gr Pr Advish Essyltaloysius (30s)
X 2nd – Willis’ Kabenbe Champagne-Zoe (31a)
3rd – Booth’s Shimmerclaw Starchaser (30s)
A.C. Limit – Neuter
1st – Whitty’s Jococoa Wolf Whistle (16)
Non – Ped Section
A.C. Male Cat or Kitten
1st – Potter’s Duke
2nd – Willis’ Foxy
3rd – Ryan’s Art
4th – Ruse’s Felix

Club Classes
A.C. Self Adult
1st – Tapping’s Tapmacks Art Garfunkle (17)
2nd – Holloways Rayanshel Total Eclipse (15)
3rd – Hollandt’s Positively Napoleon Solo (15)

A.C. Tortie (inc Blue-Cream) with/without white & bi-colour Kitten
1st – Potter’s Kbenbe Iam Henry (31f)
2nd – Cox’s Pennypurr Bella (22A)
3RD – Deller’s Dolly Mixture (21c)

A.C. Tortie (inc Blue-cream) with or without White and Bi-colour Neuter
1st – Marsland-Round’s Catbalu Pomodoro (79S31d)