My name is Lesley and I have been breeding british shorthairs since 1984. I specialise in British Blues and Silver Tabbies.

I was bought up with cats, as my mother had a ginger cat called Sandy before I was born, and when I was 6 years old, we had another ginger cat called 'Timothy' who lived to the grand age of 17 years.

When I got married, we had a beautiful ginger and white boy called Sam, and then a ginger girl and a tortieshell girl called Susie and Sophie who ruled our house but never offered to pay the mortgage.

In 1984 I went to the National Cat Show in London, I queued with my friend for over 2 hours in the cold, to get in, I vowed from that moment that I would have a british blue and a silver tabby, just as pets, and never thought that I would end up breeding them.

My very first pedigree cat was a british blue called ‘Amazon Elegance’, better known as ‘Ziggy’, and I had great fun showing her at cat shows and breeding some litters of kittens from her.

My first silver tabby came from my friend Celia Leighton of Porteous Cats. She was called Porteous Picture Postcard and went on to become a Champion.

On my web pages, you will see a selection of my girls and boys.
We live in the middle of the country and are lucky to be able to let our cats have freedom. They either live in the house or in my luxury cat houses with heating and lights.

My kittens are born indoors and kept with me until they are at least 7/8 weeks old, when together with mother they go into my special mother/kitten house to breathe fresh air, climb on climbing frames and enjoy looking at our garden and bask in the sunshine.

My kittens are registered with the GCCF and come with two injections, feline enteritis and Cat flu, courtesy of Pet Plan, they come with 4 weeks cover and I would thoroughly recommend that this cover taken on a permanent basis as vet bills can be very costly.

All of my kittens are put on the ‘non-active’ register, which means they can be shown at cat shows but not bred from, unless there is a specific reason for letting them go on the ‘active’ register. I am happiest when my kittens just go to pet homes.
Also, sorry to say, but I do not export my kittens.

Please enjoy looking at my website. I do not always have kittens available, as they are booked well in advance of being born!! But I am always very happy to talk and give helpful advice, or you can email me at: lesley.miles@gmail.com