10th December 2011
Saturday 10th December 2011

Mrs Lesley Miles
Many thanks to Carol and her team for my invite to this lovely show again. I also thank my friend Shaun Knight who came specially to steward for me. As always, the cats and kittens were handled with great expertise and kindness.

Black, Chocolate or Cinnamon Tortie Adult
BOB – Chance’s Gr Ch Wellmar Anastasia (21)
Super girl with a well rounded british headshape. Neat ears, round eyes of orange. Heavy mature body, short legs and tail of correct length. Excellent mingling of colour on a short dense coat. Lovely temperament.

Black, Chocolate or Cinnamon Tortie & White Kitten
I’m very sorry to say that unfortunately that I incorrectly placed these two kittens and the mistake was not realised until it was too late to alter the judging slips. I have spoken to the owner of Sakaho Loubea-Lou and apologised.
1st & BOB – Marsland-Round’s Catbalu Eureka (22k)
Sweet girl with headshape developing. Ears a tad large for balance at the moment. Round eyes of gold colour. Short broad nose, level bite and firm chin. Body of fairly good weight, tail of correct length but tapers at the tip. Excellent cinnamon and red patches of colour that are very clear. Some ghost spotting to be seen in the red patching at the moment. I would like her coat shorter and denser as it lies rather flat.

2nd – Hollandt’s Sakaho Loubea-Lou (22)
Pretty girl with a real ‘applehead’, well set ears, well rounded cheeks, Expressive eyes of orange colour. Short broad nose, bite acceptable but needs to be watched, firm chin. Heavy compact body with matching legs and rounded paws. Tail thick at base and well rounded at the tip. I would like her patching more clearly defined, but they are of jet black and rich red. Some mingling on the spine area. Coat short and dense.

Blue Neuter (Male)
1 PC & BOB – Chance’s Charmoden Simply-Trooper (16)
Super chunky boy with a good round headshape. Wellset ears with good width between. He tends to have jowls rather than chubby cheeks. Round eyes of orange colour. Short broad nose, level bite and firm chin. Excellent cobby body with thick set ‘Queen Ann’ legs and large rounded paws. Lovely thick tail with a rounded tip. Excellent pale blue coat which is short, dense, sound to roots with just some silver tipping evident.

AC Colourpointed Neuter
1 PC – Harper’s Leahsblues Aangus (40-4)
Well grown boy with a near round head, good width between his ears which are a little flared at base for balance. Rounded cheeks, large round eyes of pale blue colour. Short broad nose, bite untidy and firm chin. Clear lilac points which match. Tail slight darker in colour but the ground colour is of a clear magnolia colour with just some slight shading on his flanks.
BOB – Gardner’s Ch & Pr Windymeadows Spector Morse (14-5)
Super mature boy with huge round deep blue eye colour. Excellent coat for length and density.

AC British Aristocrat Adult
1st – Crook’s Harlene Inde (40-6)
Attractive girl with lovely headshape, neat ears, large expressive eyes of good blue colour. Cobby heavy body with very attractive mingling of colour on her points

2nd – Holloway’s Rayanshel Kisschase (28)

Lovely mature girl with a good british head, wellset ears but flared at base. Round eyes of orange. Attractive cream facial blaze. Heavy compact body. Excellent mingling of blue and cream on a short dense coat.

X2nd – Godsmark’s Suntrek Bluegrass Bunny (16)
Nice girl with a good headshape. Round eyes of deep gold, Heavy in weight. Coat of medium blue, short, dense, sound to roots with just some silver tipping showing.

3rd – McEwen’s Pennydown Snowexcuse (39)

Super little girl with an exquisite face huge green eyes sporting clear liner, also good clear liner on a brick coloured nose. Good heavy body with excellent even tipping on a short dense coat.

X3d – McClean’s Mardenka Millivannili (16)
Pretty girl with a lovely open face. Good round head, round eyes of deep gold. Coat of darkish blue, short but showing some silver tipping.

AC British Maiden Adult

1st – Acton’s Idlebeck Kiss Mequick (15b)
Attractive young lady, just out of kittenhood. Good headshape, neat well set ears, eyes of orange colour. Heavy body for her age with an rich chocolate coat colour, which is short in length and dense.

AC British Senior Adult

1st – Holloway’s Ch Rayanshel Ooh La La (16)
Super girl of excellent type. Well rounded head, wellset ears, balanced cheeks. Round eyes of orange colour. Heavy cobby body standing ‘4 square’. Coat of medium blue in colour. Very short in length also very dense, just showing slight silver tipping.

2nd – Harrison’s Eurocats Puff (17)
Handsome cream boy with an good british headshape. Rounded eyes of good orange in colour. Heavy balanced body, excellent cream coat which is short and dense.

X 2nd – Crook’s Harlene Inde (40-6)
3rd – McEwen’s Gr Ch Barratini Pearl n Lace (39)
Very pretty tipped girl with neat round head and well set ears. Expressive eyes of excellent green showing clear liner. Good sized body with good even tipping on a short dense coat.
X 3rd – Bradley’s Sheephouse Wisteria (79s 31a) Female.

AC British Radius Adult

1st – Holloway’s Ch Rayanshel Ooh La La (16)

AC British Non-Self Kitten – Bred by Exhibitor

1st – Chance’s Charmoden Simply-Nova (22a)
Very pretty girl with a true ‘applehead’. Neat tiny ears, eyes of orange colour. Super symmetrical pattern of pale blue and cream. Just some silver tipping showing in her blue patching. Excellent coat for length and density.

2nd – Gribben’s Crazipuss Mercedes (30es)
Another stunning girl with an excellent head shape, just needs to grow into her ears. Huge round eyes of excellent orange colour. Very clearly defined black and red spotting on her silver ground colour. Coat short and dense.

X 2nd – Whitley’s Admirari Denise Vanmeowten (31fw)
Another super girl of very nice type. Super round head, neat ears, large round eyes. Compact body.
Small patches of colour on her head but not below the level of her eyes, with three thumb prints of pale cream colour on her shoulders. She has just a few more patches towards the base of her tail. Excellent thick dense coat.

3rd – William’s Crowvalley Captain Jack (18) Super little boy with an excellent jet black classic tabby pattern on a clear silver contrast. Coat short and dense.

AC British Novice Kitten

1st – Gribben’s Crazipuss Promise’s Finale
Super boy with well defined red spots on a creamy silver contrat. Heavy in weight for his age with an excellent short dense coat
2nd – Leighton’s Porteous Stone The Crows (15 45)
Sweet little boy, baby of the class at just 14 weeks of age. Little round head, ears a tad large at present but he has a lot of growing to do. Attractive ticking on a ground colour that is a little ‘cold’ in colour at the moment. Lovely short coat.
3rd – Martin’s Admirari Jean Claudevandamm (31 fw)
AC Self British Neuter

1st – Chance’s Charmoden Simply-Trooper (16)
2nd – Larcombe’s Gr Pr Adsetsh Lala Li-oon (15c)
3rd – Tricker’s Pr Mibaybese Entrepreneur (17)
AC Visitor’s Neuter

1st – Gardner’s Ch & Pr Windymeadow Spector Morse (40-7)
2nd – Winn’s Pr Oririana Phooey Louie (79s 17)
3rd – Croucher’s Pr Advish Paddy Purrkins (17)

AC British Adult, Kitten or Neuter
1st – Marsland-Round’s Gr Ch & Pr Catbalu Indiana (79s 31d)
2nd – Marsland-Round’s Catbalu Elysian Fields (20a)
3rd – Potter’s IGR Ch Pampurred Pablo Honey (17)